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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Southwest Airlines--the best way to fly!!

This year is the first of my “adult” life, and as such, I often find myself reminiscing. I think about things such as, “what was I doing this time last year?” I think we do this every time we change our routine and start something new. My first year of college, each month, I would be thinking about what I was doing at that particular time of year back in high school. In the fall, I’d think about football, the winter, basketball, and the spring, baseball, prom, and the coming summer, and so on. My first year of grad school, I thought about college, and what would be going on at St. Michael’s without me. These reminiscing experiences were nice, because I knew that St. Mike’s would never be the same without me, but also kind of sad, because life moves on, and St. Michael’s will continue like it always have, and I will soon be forgotten there.

This year, I think back to what life was like at grad school. December is always finals month, I know that I would have been cramming for exams, and making flight plans with my favorite airline, Southwest. You know, Southwest, where everybody flies first class (and by first class, I mean coach). Unlike most airlines, Southwest does not have assigned seats. It is a cattle-call and a free for all. It goes without saying that there is no movie shown and no food served, save peanuts and soda.

Southwest is not a total free for all, though. Depending on how early you arrive at the airport, you will receive an A, B, or C on your boarding pass. After all the special needs people get seated first, they begin boarding people in lines, beginning with A. Personally, I prefer to be in the B group so I can choose who I wish to sit next to. True, if you are in A, you can sit first, and usually get an open seat. But, then you have no control over who sits next to you, and it will end up being the smelly guy who farts too much, or the old guy who can’t stop coughing up flem. Getting stuck in C is not good either, because then there are only a handful of seats left, and you get stuck sitting next to someone with a two-ticket ass. Talk about no breathing room. B is best, because there are only a handful of people already seated, and you get to choose who you wish to sit next to. You just have to try to not be too obvious about the fact that you are planning on sitting next to the attractive female.


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