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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bring on the Holiday Season!

It's November, and the holiday season is fast approaching. To which I say, thank goodness! The World Series was last week, baseball is over, and now there really are no sports to watch. Yes, there is football. And my Giants are kicking ass. But, that is only once a week. I miss the daily excitement of baseball games everyday. Don't even get me started by telling me that the NBA and NHL have begun. Unless you use "eh" instead of "um" between words, hockey does not count as a sport. And, the NBA? Yeah, I like it. I'm one of the few to like it more than college hoops (other than March Madness--the first two days are the best days of watching sports; even better than the Super Bowl). But, the season is longer than most Hollywood marriages. And, like half the teams make the playoffs. It's not worth watching until April.

I think God, in His infinite wisdom, planned the holiday season this way. He sent the Pilgrims to have dinner with the Indians in late November, then get up early Black Friday morning to beat the welfare people to Wal-Mart to buy their guns and kill the Indians. He had Mary give birth to baby Jesus in December, knowing that the holiday shoppers would take up all the hotel rooms, causing Mary to have to stay in the manger, so that people would have to go shopping and buy creches, and get their minds off the lack of baseball on tv. God knew that men would go into relapse with a two month period between the end of baseball season and the start of the football playoffs, so that is why he put Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December.


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