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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rule of 7’s (aka the rule of how to avoid creepy dating)

One of my good friends from grad school at Catholic U was a guy from Ireland. He is awesome. He lives on campus, doesn’t take more than one class each semester (he’s studying for comps), and throws the best parties. He gets the school to fund grad student get togethers a few times each year. We have the CrabFest in the fall, a brazilian dance fest in winter, and others. Each party is provided with plenty of free food and booze. Anyway, one night when we were out on the town, we got to talking about girls. And, of course, how we feel a little bit guilty about finding these young college women attractive, knowing that they were in middle school when I was in high school. So, my friend told me about the Rule of 7’s to Avoid Creepy Dating.

Here is how the Rule of 7’s goes. First, the rule exists so that you don’t date a woman who is too young. Sometimes, it can be hard to know. To make sure you are okay, take your age, divide it by 2, and then add 7. The number you get is the youngest a woman can be for you to date her and it to not be creepy. For example, if you are 18, divide by 2 and you get 9. Add 7, and that means you can date a woman as young as 16. If you are 30, you can go 22, if you’re 26, you can go 20, etc, etc. I am 24, so half my age is 12, plus 7 is 19. So I could date a 19 year old without it being creepy.

Now you know how to avoid creepy dating! Although, I think there is an age limit on this. Such as, once you reach, say 40, you need to add more than 7 after you divide by 2. Otherwise, a 60-year-old man could date a 37 year old, and then we are back to creepy.


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