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Friday, October 07, 2005

Gary Busey World

This is the blog that you have been waiting for. If you have been a regular reader of my columns (all 2 of you), then you are angry over how I whetted your appetite for all things Gary Busey in my Point Break movie review, and had yet to follow up. Well, today is your lucky day! I bring to you the official Gary Busey website, http://www.buseyworld.com/index.htm . You can see his filmography, quotes, pictures, etc. And, there is even a link to his son Jake (he is the guy who got the knife thrown into his hand in the not so Oscar worthy StarShip Troopers). In the words of Sergeant Drake Sabitch, "rest in pieces sir."

"I could go over to your mama's, and light a small fire in her panties! "


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