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Monday, October 03, 2005

The King and the Peasant Girl

Once upon a time, in the time of Long Ago and land of Far Away, there was a great King who ruled with wisdom, justice, and mercy. His palace was magnificent, crafted with the richest gold, and decorated with the finest silks. His reign was an era of peace and prosperity. This King had it all…all except for the hand of his beloved. The King could have his pick of any lady in the land. Princesses from distant kingdoms traveled great distances just to offer themselves in marriage to him. The King did not desire any of these fair maidens. His heart went out to a common peasant girl he always watched strolling along the outside of the castle moat, feeding the ducks. This peasant girl had never even seen a royal guard, let alone the King himself.

His royal advisers were unable to convince the King to marry someone in his “class.” Once resigned to the fact that he would not be swayed, they urged him to invite the peasant girl into the palace walls, and impress her with his power and majesty. But, the King would have none of that. “I could have her if I showed off my glory, but then I will never know if she will truly love me or just like what I give her.”

The King decided to live as a peasant himself. Dressed in rags, he waited by the moat for his beloved to arrive and feed the ducks. He was to show his love for her, and win her love by living as she did, experiencing the same pleasures and joys, sorrows and pains, as she…

God’s love for us is like the King’s love for his peasant girl. We are God’s beloved, and he does not just sit up in Heaven and overwhelm us with his power and majesty. He became human in the person of Jesus Christ, and is with us in all our joys and sufferings. He asks us to love him as a fragile human, suffering servant, and he shows his love for us by giving his life, his all, just as any man would do for his beloved.


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