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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

FaceBook (aka Legalized Stalking)

There was no FaceBook when I was in college. You actually had to go out and meet people. I didn’t even have a computer in my dorm room freshmen or sophomore years, so my instant messenging was limited to when I went in the computer lab to write papers. Now, I am as bad as the kiddies just entering college. IM has become a staple of my life, and I am even now a FaceBook-er, having joined this past year when I was in grad school. There is saying that most of the grad school girls fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, so my grad school friends and I joined FaceBook so we could meet the cute undergrad women…just kidding (or, maybe not).

I admit, there are some advantages to FaceBook. Like, in college, there is always That Guy who you say hi to, who knows your name, and you have that 5 minute conversation about school, the weekend, yada yada, and you don’t even know his name, and are afraid to ask, so you always just say “hey, it’s you again” or something. It would have been nice to look up That Guy on Facebook, just so I could have said “Hi Earl” the next time I ran into him. Or, there are always those really pretty girls that you notice from a distance, but never actually go up and talk to. If FaceBook was around, I probably still never would have talked to any of them, but at least I could have learned their names, and seen the size of the arms of their probable meat-head boyfriends, just to know the pummeling I’d get if I ever did make a move.


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