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Monday, January 22, 2007

Quiver: a Mad Lib tale of romance and seduction

We all know a romance novel when we see one: We see a paperback cover with a beautiful vixen yearningly gazing into the eyes of an artistically drawn man in the image of Fabio. Great literature, romance novels are not. Not only do I believe that I could write one of those cheesy sleazy romance novels, I believe you can too. Below is your very own Mad Lib romance novel. Pick a word for each number, then, when you are done, transfer your words to the short story below. Some of the numbers, such as “1”, “4”, “5” and a couple others, appear more than once. Remember, no peeking at the story in advance. Most important, have fun! Oh yeah; one more thing: our story is titled Quiver, because that’s a word that sounds like it belongs in dirty romance novels.

1: verb, ends with –ing _________________

2: any color (red, green, turquoise, yellow, etc.) ______________________

3: verb, ends with –ed ________________________

4: adjective ________________________

5: any color (red, green, turquoise, yellow, etc.) ______________________

6: adjective ________________________

7: verb _________________________

8: verb _________________________

9: adjective _____________________

10: noun _______________________

11: place (river, planet, New York, Tokyo, basement, etc.) _____________________

12: verb ________________________

13: verb, ends with –ing _______________________________

14: adjective _________________________________

15: noun __________________________________

16: adjective ______________________________

17: verb, ends with –ing ___________________________

18: adjective ______________________________

19: adjective ___________________________

20: body part __________________________

21: adjective ____________________________

22: adverb ____________________________

23: body part _________________________

24: verb __________________________

25: verb ___________________________

26: adjective, ends with –ness _______________________________

27: body part __________________________________

29: adverb, ends with –ly ______________________________

30: verb, ends with –ed _________________________________

31: an amount (example: ounce, inch, meter, etc.) ____________________________

32: a state of being (example: happiness, nirvana, sadness, contentment, pleasure, etc.) __

33: a word of agreement (example: yes, okay, yeah, etc.) __________________

34: clothing item _____________________

35: a size (example: big, small, ginormous, tiny, large, etc.) _____________________

36: an object (example: bat, hammer, truck, toy, etc.) ______________________

37: sleeping place (example: bed, couch, floor, backseat, etc) _____________________

38: verb ____________________________

39: a geographical location (example: cave, crevice, tunnel, alley, etc.) _____________

40: verb ______________________________________

41: noun __________________________________

42: verb, ends with –s ____________________________


Veronica quivered in delight at the appearance of a 1_________ man with dark 2__________ hair. She was 3____________ by his 4_________ 5___________ eyes. His 4___________ 5__________ eyes and 6____________ 7___________ unbuttoned shirt beckoned her to come closer and 8______________ him.

“Veronica!” the 1__________ man, the man of her dreams, was calling out to her, as if she was the most 9___________ woman in the world. No; it was much 10___________ than that. She had been placed upon 11_____________ to please his every 12____________. “I am 13____________ in 14__________ anticipation, my 15__________.”

“Come 16______________ to me,” excitedly exclaimed Veronica, struggling to hold inside her 17___________ arousal and anticipation. “Take my 18____________ body in your 19 _____________ arms and ravage me.”

The 1______________ man swooped his left arm around her 20________________, leaving free his right to roam 21______________ over her body. He kissed her 22_________________ while using his right hand to caress her 23_______________. Veronica felt a tingle with the 24__________ movement of his tongue, dancing in 25_______________ with her tongue, reveling in the growing 26___________ in her mouth—and down there. She reached her 27_____________ down his 28____________ chest, stopping to revel and delight in his equally 28_______________ abs, before reaching his manhood. She 29________________ stopped.

“Is something wrong?” asked the 1_______________ man, showing 30__________ concern. “My only desire is to pleasure every 31______________ of your body. I will bring you to 32______________ over and over.”

Veronica gently kissed him, as if to say “33_________! Continue!” She unzipped his 34______________ and reached her hand inside. She was delighted to grab hold of his 35______________ 36__________________. The 1____________ man gently laid Veronica on the 37________________. He 38____________ his erect 36_______________ inside her 39_____________________. Veronica quivered in ecstasy as she felt his 36_______________; his manhood; his life; moving inside of her. She reached greater levels of 40_______________ than ever before.

The next morning, she awoke, and the 1______________ man was gone. There was a box of 41_______________-covered candy and a note. Veronica’s erotic 42________________ had just begun.


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