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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope Benedict's remarks on Islam

Last week, Pope Benedict XVI caused quite a ruckus when he quoted from a 16th century Christian who had said Islam may not exactly be the most peaceful religion in the world. Obviously, the Pope made a mistake. It’s not good to criticize Islam or to accuse Muslims of sometimes being violent. When you say that Islam is not peaceful, it gets some Muslims mad and makes them act violent and use violence to show that you were wrong to accuse Muslims of being violent.

The lesson, as always: Don't say the Islam is a violent religion, or some Muslims will get mad and use violence.


Blogger Kel said...

Hey, Pidge, you were a good guy...too bad you left. Good luck on your new job.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous bernie said...

wonderfully said. i don't know how the media get by with their blind double standard between the two faiths, showing their cultural self hatred

1:35 PM  

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