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Monday, June 26, 2006

Joe Namath--"I wanna kiss you"

Everyone is my parents' generation can remember where they were the moment JKF was assassinated. It is one of those seminal moments, where everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing the moment they find out. Pearl Harbor was a similar moment for people in my grandparents' generation. 9/11 will be remembered as the event from my generation where each of us knows where he was. I was a junior in college, just finished my morning class on Judaism, and stayed seated in the classroom, since my next class, Rennaissance European History, took place in the same classroom. A couple guys who were in that next class with me walked in, and turned on the TV, because they had heard some news that was going on about an airplane and the World Trade Center. Our professor came in, visibly shaken, saying that he was in no emotional state to hold class. Later that day, since it was a Tuesday, my friends and I took our weekly excursion to Manhattan's Pizza for all you can eat pizza and wings. Burlington was quiet and very somber that day...

There are seminal moments such as these, but there are also seminal moments that do not conjure up a somber, almost hushed tone. Events that are trivial and stupid, yet nevertheless we remember where we were when they happened. Such is the Joe Namath-Suzy Kulber interview at a Jets-Patriots game in December 2004. I was in Burlington, visiting friends from St. Michael's College, and we were watching the game with a few beers. Little did we know that Joe Namath was keeping pace with us from the Jets sideline, and would make a complete ass out of himself, much to everyone's delight :-). Here's the video clip of this classic moment, courtesy of YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95O-lwAMHRc


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