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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Doggy Poo: Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True

“Once upon a time, a little doggy poo lived on the side of a road. He felt all alone in the world. He believed that nobody needed him for anything, and that he had no purpose in life. If only Doggy Poo had a reason for being, then he wouldn’t give up on his dream to be useful to the world.”

Sometimes I feel useless. What good can I do? What is my purpose? People like soup kitchen volunteers, Boy Scout leaders, and Dane Cook are feeding the hungry, shaping tomorrow’s leaders, and making people not laugh. And here I am, 26 years old, a drain on society, with two useless (B.A. Philosophy, M.A. Theology) degrees, barely making ends meet substitute teaching. My career earnings don’t even match my college and grad school debt. Life couldn’t seem any more meaningless if I bought new shoes, only to walk out of the store and step in doggy poo. But thanks to Korean stop motion animation, I learned that everything has purpose; we are all precious and special, even Doggy Poo.

Young little Doggy Poo sits sullenly on a dirt road in the Korean countryside, forlorn since he can’t figure out his purpose. His friend Soil helps potatoes grow, and his friend leaf can blow through the wind, but Doggy Poo’s life seems so meaningless, he isn’t even worthy of being supper for Mother Hen and her baby chicks (they think he smells and tastes bad).

When Flower sprouts, will Doggy Poo cry tears of joy through finding out his purpose? I could not stifle my tears (I’m serious) watching this delightful stop-motion Korean folktale. Nor could I look at the other teacher in the room, for fear of breaking into laughter. But the sunlight of my life is a little bit brighter, the ice cream sundae of my life has added some colorful sprinkles and tasty hot fudge, the ice skating competition of my life has landed a triple-lutz, thanks to the inspiring story of young Doggy Poo.

Click here http://www.doggypooworld.com/ for the official Doggy Poo webpage. Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFZIqbocM-s for a one minute Doggy Poo trailer. I couldn’t find the full-length version (30ish minutes) in English, but there are short cuts from the film on YouTube and Google Video if you use their search engines. And, you can buy it on Amazon.


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